11 Reasons to Make Computer Slowly, Which One you Have

computer performances

Logical Factors here:

Reasons 1: Your Computer Has Been Running for a Long Time without a Reboot

Reason 2: Boot Partition Is in Low Disk Space

Reason 3: There Are Many Startup Programs

Reason 4: Running Multiple Programs Which Are Hogging RAM

Reason 5: There Are Lots of Fragments on Hard Drive

Reason 6: Your Computer Is Attacked by Virus or Malware

Reason 7: Partitions Are Misaligned (Especially for SSD)

Reason 8: Your Windows OS Is too Old

3 Hardware Issues here:

1.Not Enough RAM

2.CPU Is Aging or with Poor Performance

3.Hard Disk Is Either Logically or Physically Damaged

There is detailed solutions here: How to speed up Computer

Hope that helps


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