Around Millions of passwords are stolen. What about yours?

Your password of email, banking online or social networks contain the data for cybercriminals, because any of your passwords can be used in the any of the fraud strategies. Nowadays password theft is so general. Sometimes online thieves steal your password from the company servers, & sometimes from the system of the users. A recent discovered a main database contains around 2 million of a variety of password, collected from pony botnet. The malware connected with botnet infects whole computer and collect all the information like passwords from email , browser & FTP,& using proxy server it send all the data to the cybercrminals.

According to a survey by B2B International which says 39% of users uses same password in the multiple websites to access their all accounts.

Passwords are stolen.

The recent hack said that the criminals gathered passwords mainly from: Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks.

On the basis of the unpleasant incident in large scale ,users of above mention networks think that is their password is okay or not.

If your password of facebook or Gmail account is stolen ,this is not surely that you will be targeted for malware attack. This may be possible that you have access your friend pc or anywhere in a public terminal like cyber cafe then there is no problem. But if your password moves in the hand of hackers first your computer gets infected and all the necessary information will be transferred. The worst thing is that if you are using same password on your all social profiles and on other place where password needed to access . Unfortunately, this happens too often. According to a survey by B2B International which says 39% of users uses same password in the multiple websites to access their all accounts.

As password theft has become so often, this led to be too dangerous particularly if you includes access to financial transactions through Gmail attachments. That why we can say that even your simple facebook password can led you to lose your real money.

To solve this problem we have to make sure that we should change our old password and give a unique password to all your account on internet or on social networks. If you have problem in using multiple passwords or cannot remember multiple password you can use software like password manger, which store your password in the encrypted form. The habits of using same password again and again are for old internet times. To stay away from password theft, follow the advice:

  • Utilize a strong antivirus.
  • Make updating of software on the regular intervals. Pay particular focus to updating Windows, web browser & famous apps used to view PDF, Flash & many more.
  • Always keep in mind the safety. If you find a link from your friend which you don’t expect that from him/her you should raise doubt. then it is better to ask to your friend personally about that is your account is hacked or not.
  • Put full attention toward the links – a domain name may contain some letters or symbol which symbolize that you are redirected to a malicious web-site. Don’t accept friend request of unknown people and don’t follow doubtful links.
  • Cerate difficult password, and it should be unique also. You can also check the reliability of the password from the online service

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