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How to Disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup on Belkin Router

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is an integrated feature in some of the Belkin router devices planned to make simpler the setup as well as the management of a wireless n/w. As several of the old OS &/or machines might not supported by the WPS feature, setting it to the disabled mode is left one with the choice. If you are using an older Operating System that does not support WPS & are not expected to upgrade the hardware & the Operating System itself in the future, you can stop it according to your convenience. Below are the steps to resolve the problem:

Step 1:- Wire the Belkin Router with Computer

Before starting you have to make sure that you contain a wired connection the Ethernet cable to your PC. Wired connection is necessary to access the router’s configuration of the page through IP address. Next to, take your login points like username and password to login into your router.

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Step 2:- Router Web Interface

Open your browser & in the address bar type “”, the IP address. Click on the Enter key on the keyboard to progress. The Router Setup Utility login page gets open. Click on the “Login” button in the top right hand corner.

Type the admin password & after that click on the Submit button. If you have never setup a custom password on your router, otherwise leave the box empty and purely click on Submit. Most of the Belkin wireless routers are used with not any password. Thus, the text field is normally left blank until a new password is by now been set up.

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Step 3:- Stop Wi-Fi Protected Setup Functionality

When you get logged in, click on the “Wireless” in the left hand side. It will show different sort of info. like Language, Version Information & Internet Setting in the right hand side. Click on Wi-Fi Protected Setup below Wireless & you will notice the already selected frequency of wireless connection like 2.7 or 4.7G etc. Select on the dropdown menu on the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” option & choose “Disabled”.
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Step 4:- Check the Light Status & Save Changes

Click on the “Apply Changes” to save the changes that you have done earlier. If you are not doing any further changes to the setting close the router’s web interface. You can validate the Wi-Fi Protected Setup disabling with its light. The light over the “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” button on the router device but under the “Router Status Light” must go away after doing the changes.

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You can submit to your Belkin router for default login features. You can create a new password whenever you want. If it is a wireless PC that you made a wired one to obtain the router’s IP address, unplug the Ethernet cable & reconnect to wireless n/w.

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Still Not able to reslove the problem then call us at +1-877-907-4935 (toll-free) and get it fixed by one of our Belkin router experts.

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