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20 Jun 2016

How-to Install HP Printers Drivers on Linux Mint 18 Sarah LTS 32-64bit Easy Guide

Linux Mint 18 Sarah LTS 32-64bit How-to Install the HP Printers Drivers and Getting-Started Printing and Scanning on Linux Mint 18 Sarah LTS i386/amd64 Mate/Cinnamon/Xfce/KDE Desktop. HP dispose of a Devices Driver Installer for Linux that will
16 Mar 2016

The Ways Your Computer Problems May Start With YOU

Computer’s Configuration or Software You cannot always blame your computer’s configuration or software for the glitches that you have to deal with. Often, source of the problem is an operational error which can be made by YOU.
21 May 2015

How to Fix the Kaspersky 2014 Error Message Starting with Version of the Operating System was Changed in Windows 8.1

Many people who newly bought their new PCs have Windows 8 preinstalled. If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1, and are getting this error: “Version of the operating system was changed since installation of Kaspersky Internet Security”
12 May 2015

How to Stop Your Laser Printer from Smearing

This blog will tell you how to decrease smearing text or smearing graphics in your laser printer and copy machine. There are 6 steps through which you can do it. Follow the below steps to stop your