Guidelines to Maintain Your PC Safe & Secure

The Security and safety of PC is always an issue since from a long time. If you keep the strong password and make changes in password on the regular basics on your online account or social account then you are done with all the bases covered. To make your PC more safe and keep it working secure as always . Follow some more guidelines mention below:

Guidelines to Maintain Your PC Safe & Secure
1. Configure Your Firewall

Configuring the firewall sounds very complex, but you are wrong it really isn’t. check that your firewall is “on” or not if it is on ,then you are fine to go on. Always make sure you have firewall in place then you can go a long way keeping your PC safe from the criminals or you can keep criminals out. There is one more option that if you don’t want your PC files to be visible to the other machines, for that you have to disable your Media Sharing.

2. Always make the Back Up of Data & Files

Backing up your PC data is the event which keep you safe at the time of computer crash or electrical rush. It also helps you even when your PC is infected with ransomware (or malware),which encrypts all your precise data .you can do backup of files or data manually by the help of an external hard drive by storing sensitive data of your to it or you can also use the different software available online like carbonite and the other is Dropbox, where up to 2GB of storage is free .

3. Stay Away From Fake Websites

To identify a fake website can be tough, but there are things on which you can do to perfect your skills. Find for the green lock in the address bar and prefix https:// at the starting of the URL if you are visiting the sites like banking, or you’re using your mail or using personal information of credit card. Don’t click on the links send to you in the form of email messages, instead of that go directly to the website and also be sure safe when you are using shopping website that ships item from overseas.

4. Stay safe from Ads That Are Too Nice to Be True

Some of the worse websites attract their customer by its wonderful deals, and once they got the information of your credit card you will not be able to find them or product is not shown what you have bought so be aware from fake ads to to be secure the rule is that do go for Ads that are too nice to be true.

5. Don’t Reveal Sensitive Information

It’s not that which website you are using it’s just that you have to keep it in the mind don’t reveal your personal information. Although this is so much common knowledge not to share your bank account or credit card information unless you don’t have complete trust on that website or you don’t reveal info on your social profile. You should also don’t reveal pet’s name or home town name because this will lead to theft you’re your sensitive information as this is your security question on the different website.

6. Careful while Opening Strange Emails

Don’t open the email from the stranger or from the suspicious source, and don’t even not open the attachments in that email. You should also be aware of the mail that you are getting from your friends as their account can also be hacked. If the mail from the friend you found to be suspicious immediately delete that mail or inform them about that his account is hacked. This will help you from the scam and hacking your website.

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