How to Fix the Kaspersky 2014 Error Message Starting with Version of the Operating System was Changed in Windows 8.1

Many people who newly bought their new PCs have Windows 8 preinstalled. If you have upgraded to Windows 8.1, and are getting this error: “Version of the operating system was changed since installation of Kaspersky Internet Security” while trying to install and run Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, read the steps below to solve this problem.

STEP-1 Traverse to the Kaspersky global product updates page.

Support for Kaspersky

STEP-2 Click on Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

Support for Kaspersky

STEP-3 Wait however you are redirected to the Kaspersky Internet security 2014 Downloads page.

Support for Kaspersky

STEP-4 Choose version 2014 ( because it is the patch version for Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 for Windows 8.1 Users.

Support for Kaspersky

STEP-5 Click Download.

Support for Kaspersky

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