How to Resolve a 1203 Error of Lexmark Printers X4250/X4270/F4270

1203 Error on the Lexmark Printer
How to determine and troubleshoot the core cause of a 1203 error

A 1203 error message on the operator panel could indicate a problem with one of the ink cartridges. Please carry out the steps below the image to confirm that this is a cartridge failure rather than a hardware problem.
On the operator panel of Lexmark printer shows the message of 1203 code which indicates that there is some problem in the ink cartridges. To check that whether it is a cartridge problem or hardware Follows the steps below.
How to Troubleshoot a 1203 Error

  1. Check that power of All-In-One is on.
  2. How to Troubleshoot a 1203 Error

  3. To open the cartridge access door you have to drag the control panel towards you. Cartridge carrier moves & at loading position it stops.
  4. How to Troubleshoot a 1203 Error

  5. Bring out the old cartridges and then bring them out.
  6. When the cartridges come out of the printer, close the access door & control panel.
  7. Click on the OFF button then again Click ON
  8. See the operator panel that the error is resolved or the same error is still occurring or some other error occurs.
  9. If the message occurred on the operator panel 1203, then there is some problem with the hardware.

If the message that is now occurring is Cartridge Missing, follow the below steps:
How to Troubleshoot a 1203 Error

  • To Reinstall the Printer cartridges.
  • Insert the black cartridge into right and color into left.
  • How to Troubleshoot a 1203 Error

  • Push the cartridges tightly until it get fitted into the suitable place
  • Firstly shut down the cartridge door & then close the control pane
  • If the 1203 message is still present on the operator panel, you need to insert one cartridge at a time to determine which cartridge is producing the failure.
  • If the problem still not resolve and the same 1203 code appear on the operator panel, you have to one by the one insert the cartridge to check that which cartridge is giving the problem in the printer.
  • Add one cartridge to it and now check it that is that which one is having problem.
  • If the same 1203 error occur in the operator panel then this cartridge is defective. If
    Cartridge Missing message occurs then which means that the second cartridge is creating the error
  • Change the cartridge that is having defect.
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