How to Resolve Issues of Your Dell Printer

ISSUE: Ink Cartridge is not identified by the Printer or it gives Single Color print

1.Confirm That Ink Cartridges Are the Correct Cartridges & Have Not Been Refilled
Dell does not consider the third party cartridges .Actually it damage the dell printer. To check that whether the cartridges are the dell cartridges look at the top of the cartridges. See that at the top dell is casted into the cartridge case. (See Figure 1).You can also check it from the Online User Guide.
resolve Issues of Your Dell Printer

Figure 1: Dell Ink cartridges

2.Check that the Packing Tape has been Detached from Ink Cartridge
a. Printer should be turned ON
b. Lift the front cover of the printer’s.
c. Press the tabs on the cartridge lids and pick up the cartridge lids .When the lids are fully picked up the cartridges will pop up.
d. Take out the cartridges
e. Remove the packaging blue tape from the cartridge
f. Before reseating the Dell Series cartridges shake it well.
g. Reinstall the cartridges.
Be Sure about the lip is in the accurate position (Figure 2).
Dell Cartridge Lip Location

Figure 2: Cartridge Lip Location

h. Break the lids closed.
i. Close the front cover of the printer.

3.Check That the Ink Cartridges Are Inserted in the Accurate Slots
Dell All-In-One Printer have two different slots in which we place are ink c cartridge. The main thing that to have to remember is that color ink cartridge cannot be used black ink cartridge slot and vice-versa.
a. Turn on the printer.
b. Lift the front cover of the printer so that the ink cartridge carrier shifts to the center.
c. Check that the black ink cartridge is placed in the left-hand section and color ink cartridge in the right- hand section.
d. Close the front cover of the printer.

4.Make Sure the Printer Preferences is set to use all Available ink

For Windows 8
1. Click on the windows button on your keyboard and direct start typing Control Panel.
2. You will see Control Panel app on the left on your screen .click on it
3. Click on Control Panel app.
4. On the View there is a drop-down list box, select Category from that drop down list.
5. Then Click on View devices and printers.
6. Open the Options menu.
7. Click on Printing Preferences.
8. Select Print using all available ink from the lower right corner.
9. Click on OK.

For Windows 7
1. Click on Start.
2. Click on Devices and Printers.
3. Right-click on printer.
4. Select Printer Preferences.
5. Make sure Print using all available ink is Chosen.
6. Click OK.

Perform a Reset Power of the Printer

a. Turn off the printer
b. Power & Data cables should be Disconnect from the printer.
c. Stop For five seconds.
d. Now power and data cables should be Reconnect to the printer.
e. Turn the printer on.

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