Kaspersky Mac Install Failed

Steps for Installing Kaspersky Security for Mac

If your Kaspersky Mac Install Failed then follow the below instruction.

To install Kaspersky Security for Mac it is suggested that to look for incompatible software in your computer. If any third party or incompatible software is installed then please remove it before proceeding to installation of kaspersky .

Below the following steps will explain the whole procedure of installation:

  1. or open the distributive volume:
  2. kaspersky mac install failed
    or open the distributive volume:
    kaspersky mac install failed

  3. The windows get opened in that window double click.
  4. kaspersky mac install failed

  5. After the normal installation the open window ask you to click on Continue; button.
  6. kaspersky mac install failed

  7. After that another windows get open in the window there are few steps from that step choose the introduction step from that you can find the correct system requirement for the installation. Below in that window click the continuebutton.
    kaspersky mac install failed

  8. In the next license step read the license agreement carefully. After reading the agreement click on continue button.
  9. kaspersky mac install failed

  10. If you are agreeing with the agreement click on agree button.
  11. kaspersky mac install failed

  12. On the step KSN the Setup Wizard read the Terms of Participation carefully if you agree with the Kaspersky Security Network click on the Continue button to proceed the installation.
  13. kaspersky mac install failed

  14. Installation type step to continue the installation click on Install.
  15. home_ksmac_8344_09_en13-145340

  16. Then the new open window will ask you for the name and password of administration to continue the Kaspersky Security for Mac installation.
  17. Then click on Install button.
  18. kaspersky mac install failed

  19. Wait till the installation is complete.
  20. In the summary step the open window will shows you the message of  “The installation was successful”.
  21. Click on the close button to Complete the installation process.

kaspersky mac install failed

After the complete installation process of Kaspersky Security for Mac activate the program:

  • Activation for Commercial version.
  • Activation for trail version.

If after following the above mentioned steps not able to resolve your Kaspersky Mac Install Failed problem or for any Kaspersky Support or Mac Support Call RiseZone Solution @ 1-800-399-5704

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