List of Most Common Error of Browser

In this blog I have list some of most common error that you face while accessing the internet. These error are due do the multiple reasons, but once you have some idea about what they are you will be able to sort out the problem very easily.Browser like Google Chrome,Internet Explorer.

List of Most Common Error of Browser

Error message Description
400 Bad Request This error message occur when you have entered the wrong URL in your address bar .Check that maybe you have done some mistake with spelling  or may have given some extra spaces into it .
401 Unauthorised The page that you are required to access asking for an encryption key. It is may be asking for username and password in encrypted form .check that you have filled it correctly.
403 Forbidden / Access denied This issue is same as 401 error it is probably of username or password issue. Otherwise the site you are trying to have restricted you to access the page.
404 File not found Server is not able to find the page that you are trying to access. the page may have been removed or move to some other location, or you have entered the wring URL.
408 Request timeout This Error occurs because the webpage to which you have send request has stopped before retrieving from the web server. Another reason can be in the browser you have pressed on the stop button or you have clicked on link before the page get full download.
415 Unsupported media type This error occurs when the media type is not supported or accepted by the web server.
500 Internal server error You will not able to access the webpage because of the error in the web server. To find the solution of this problem contact the site’s administrator.
501 Not implemented This is an unusual error. It occurs when the requested feature is not supported by the web server. It occurs when some new features are added to the web server.
502 Bad gateway/Service temporarily overloaded When so many user are trying to access the same website .To resolve this error click on refresh button (or F5 key on the keyboard) on browser .if still site not load then try it later after some time.
503 Service unavailable This error message occurs when the server is down or busy.try refreshes the page or tries after some time.
678 Timeout while connecting to the server. Check the cable or modem.
691 This error occurred as the username and password that we have use is invalid to the domain. Check that you have entered the right password and username .Check the lowercase and uppercase format of password and username in mind.
718  Connection timeout when user is waiting for response from the remote system. Check the sync of modem and cable
734 Internet cable is unplugged .Reconnect the cable and restarts the computer and then tries now the error will not occur
769 The destination you are trying to reach is not reachable. To resolve the error reinstall the drivers.
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