Malware Classification

At Risezone, we very seriously take our responsibility to keep you protect against attacks, that is why we’re continuously updating you with the latest methods that are out there and with the different protection options you have to choose from. We realize it is sometimes very tough to introduced different types of malware you to straight. That’s why we decided to list few of the most common malwares:

Malware Classification

Virus: A computer virus is a program which is loaded on the computer without our permission and knowledge and it runs against our wish. Along with this virus replication themselves once they enter your computer.
All the computer virus are made by man which means they are man-made. The most simple virus is that which make copy of itself again and again which is relatively very easy to produce .even though if it is simple yet it is so dangerous because it uses all the memory of your system & make your well working computer to halt . the most dangerous type of virus is that which has the capability of transmitting itself to the networks and bypassing security systems.

Worm: Computer worms are malicious software which is designed to be spread through the networks. Computer worms are the one of the malware including with viruses and Trojans. A human install computer worm accidentally or we can say without intention by opening an email attachment or message that include executable script into it. Once Worm install on your computer it generate additional email message which contain the copies of worm .They can open tcp port of other application to create networks security holes and it may also try to flood the LAN with false Denial of Service data transmissions. As it is embedded inside computer worms ,network software penetrate most of the firewalls & other network security measures.

Trojan: Trojan horse is also known as Trojan, it’s a malware which is designed to take unauthorized access of a user’s computer remotely. Trojan does not replicate themselves like the other viruses. But they lead the other viruses to be installed on a system as they allow the system to be controlled by the Trojan Creator.Trojan word has been taken from a Greek story of Trojan War, in which Greek offered the Trojans a peace offering in the form of a large wooden horse. Trojan has the capability to convert computer into zombie computer ,which means it make the computer to steal various data from your system like credit card information,installing malware to your PC , key-logging and many other malicious activities.

Ransomware: Ransomware is one of the malware that does not allow you to use your System as it holds your System or your files for ransom. some of the version of ransomware are also known as “FBI Moneypack” and the “FBI virus” because they uses the FBI’s logos .In many of the cases you have seen in your computer pop ups appear and say illegal activities has been detected on your System. This pop-ups ask you to perform some activities to access your files again .this pop-ups may ask you to pay some money ,fill the surveys, or any another action to unlock your pc to access it. there is not even the guarantee that after paying the fine and following their instruction you will able to get the access to your computer or the files again.

Rootkit: Rootkit is a special malware that is specifically designed to hide its presence & action from user and present software that is installed on your computer. rootkit is able to this with the deep integration with in the operating system .some of the rootkit is also known as bootkits in which it hide the presence and actions of both even before the starting of your operating system .

Backdoor (RAT): Firstly a backdoor is an application which allows you take remote access to a computer. The difference in the type malware and application is that the installation is done without the knowledge of user. The main functionality of backdoor malware is that it has the capability to send the files to a host computer & executes commands & files on it, and to send these files back to an attacker.
The term “RAT (Remote Access Trojan)” is the synonym of “backdoor” and it has administrative control over the target computer. it is downloaded invisibly through a user requested program like game or sent through an email attachment. Once it reaches to your computer it RATs to other undefendable computers & establish a botnet (also known as a zombie army).

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