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As cybercrime continues to grow into a gigantic industry everyday new viruses are unleashed on the net capable of causing irreparable damage to websites, computers and also stored data – it has become all the more important for the webmasters to be extremely careful while opening attachments and visit only safe known websites for complete protection of their systems. But as the same time opening up a huge number of attachments and visiting new sites constitutes a good part of webmaster job description and that is exactly the reason why having a robust antivirus program capable of preventing even the most dangerous online threats and hacking attacks is an absolute necessity for modern day webmasters.

With many different types of antivirus and anti malware products now available in the market you would find it beneficial to have a brief description of what those antivirus solutions are actually capable of doing. Here is some information about Norton, one of the most trusted antivirus interpretation of this macrocosm from Symantec technologies.

Install Norton antivirus solution

Available for Windows and Mac operating systems Norton is known as an extraordinarily reliable and viable to use antivirus solutions and is capable of identifying and eliminating viruses and other malware threats from emails and downloaded files. Compared to other antivirus solutions also currently available in the market Norton is a bit more expensive but the product also comes with a number special features and abilities those well worth the price.

As one of the most reliable and robust antivirus software package, Norton includes a number of applications those run in the background and apart from checking all email attachments and downloaded files for possible presences of viruses it also keeps watch on a number of PC affairs. As a matter of fact the program is by default configured for automatically handling email virus scanning not only for the emails those you receive but also the mails those are being sent out from your computer. This automated email scanning feature is capable of cleaning both incoming and outgoing mails and removes all viruses never interfering with the work in progress. It is also capable of detecting viruses during actual-instance online chats as well as instant message attachments.

Installation and general use

Installing Norton antivirus on a system is easy but one should also remember that when the auto installer asks for a pre-installation virus scanning your system it should be allowed to do so. This is important for a flawless installation and unless you are not an advanced user Norton default configuration settings should be sufficient for your requirements. Post installation the user must also update Norton the virus definition online for. Apart from these Norton also comes with a number of advanced security features and without any doubt is capable of providing your system complete security against all online threats.

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