Steps to Reconnect to a Wireless Router

Sometimes without any reason our internet connection stops working. In this article I tell you about that how to fix it. Some of the important steps are listed below that helps you to resolve this problem:

Step 1.From Your PC Ping Router. Go to start ,Select Run and then a small windows get open in that window type “Cmd” or “command” ( without quotes).Then a black screen opens in that type ping address of your Router.

Reconnect Wireless Router

Step 2.Break the connection of router from electricity.

    • Wait for around 10 seconds then plug it again.

Reconnect Wireless Router

    • To check the router by going into it .Type http:// (typing) or or or into the address bar.

Reconnect  Wireless Router

    • Then type the username and password for the router & then click on Router status.

Step 3.Check that your telephone line and router are connected.

Reconnect Wireless Router

Step 4.Verify the WEP code of the router type username & password of your router and then click on Setup Wizard and then reenter the right WEP code.

Reconnect Wireless Router

Step 5.Turn off your computer and restart it if these steps not resolve the problem.

Reconnect Wireless Router

If still problem is not resolve then this may be possible that your ISP in down. Wait for some time and then try again.

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