The Ways Your Computer Problems May Start With YOU

Computer’s Configuration or Software

You cannot always blame your computer’s configuration or software for the glitches that you have to deal with. Often, source of the problem is an operational error which can be made by YOU. So, instead of whining about the glitches that you face the next time around, why not figure it out yourself. We have listed out the most commons mistakes that you can make.

Take Backup

  • Back up your documents regularly. If you are using your computer every day, then it is only obvious that you should back up all the new photos, files, videos and software details. There is traditional backup software available for the same or you can get one online.

Update Antivirus Regularly

  • Update your antivirus regularly, as there are new viruses on the loose. Your antivirus would give you 100% protection only on the day you updated it.

Windows XP

  • Windows XP was without a doubt the best version from the company and you love it. But, the sad news is the company ended all support to this software in April 2014. So, no more new patches for this one and you need to move on to the latest versions.

Remove Junk

  • Don’t let any junk software prey on your computer. If you had installed any software in the past which you didn’t like and just deleted the shortcut, then you might want to uninstall this software as they are running in the background and taking up space.



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